SFP Series

SFP Series

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10G SFP+ Cable Series

10GBASE SFP+ Cables offer customers a wide variety of 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center, enterprise wiring closet and service provider transport applications, such as switches, routers, media converters, and other data communication equipments. It is a popular industry format supported by many networks and switch vendors. ASCS offers passive SFP+ Twinax cables in lengths of 0.5 to 15 meters and active SFP+ cables in lengths of 5 to 25 meters. If you need customized services, please contact info@ascsusa.com for more details.

10G SFP+ Transceivers Series

The IEEE 802.3z standard includes 1000BASE-SX for transmission over multi-mode fiber, 1000BASE-LX for transmission over single-mode fiber, 100BASE-FX is a version of Fast Ethernet over optical fiber. It uses a 1300 nm near-infrared (NIR) light wavelength transmitted via two strands of optical fiber, one for receive(RX) and the other for transmit(TX), 100BASE-SX is a version of Fast Ethernet over optical fiber. It uses two strands of multi-mode optical fiber for receive and transmit. ASCS offers the whole series of FE and GE optical fiber transceivers. Including: SFP-SX MM 550M SFP-LX SM 10-20KM SFP-EX SM 40KM SFP-ZX SM 80KM SFP-EZX SM 120KM SFP-CWDM SFP-DWDM SFP-BIDI

40G QSFP+ Cable Series

QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) Cables Assemblies QSFP+ copper direct-attach cables are suitable for very short distances and offer a highly cost-effective way to establish a 40-Gigabit link between QSFP+ ports of QSFP+ switches within racks and across adjacent racks. These cables are used for 40GbE and Infniband standards to maximize performance.If you need customized services, please contact info@ascsusa.com for more details.

40G QSFP+ Transceivers Series

ASCS’s QSFP-40G-SR4 Module supports link lengths of 100m and 150m respectively on laser-optimized OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber cables. It primarily enables high-bandwidth 40G optical links over ribbon fiber cables terminated with multi-fiber connectors, and could also be used along with ribbon to duplex fiber breakout cables for connectivity to four 10GBASE-SR optical interfaces. This QSFP-40G-SR4 is built according to Cisco specifications, and is 100% compatible with Cisco System. If you need customized services, please contact info@ascsusa.com for more details.